Halloween Box

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After the honouring of moms and dads, today it's the children's turn to receive great gifts and to recreate mysterious activities...

It is thanks to the mythical holiday of Halloween that the GOOD LOCK BOX makes its long-awaited return! 

Knock, knock, knock! Trick or treat! Your time has come. I'll be visiting you soon and we'll go on a wonderful journey together filled with spooky crafts. A fun time to share and make all your favorite monsters!

Now it's your turn to play!

Did you know? Happy New Year little monsters! More than 3,000 years ago, Halloween was the last day of the Celtic calendar! And yes, at the beginning this terrifying festival is of Irish origin. The end of the year did not end on December 31 but on October 31, and it is with this last night of the year that the god of death was celebrated.

The priority of the GOOD LOCK BOX is to receive an unexpected surprise at your door! Parents, godparents or grandparents, everyone is there to offer an original gift to the children! 

It's also an opportunity for company managers to surprise and encourage their employees who are, for the most part, telecommuting!