The second GOOD LOCK BOX is a special ‘Mother Day’. 

Receive at home by post:

  • a box with the necessary equipment for the creation of 7 creative workshops: DIY, gardening, cultural activities, ...
  • Home made gifts dedicated to Mother Day
  • gift vouchers, …

You have access to the private Facebook group "Our challenges Good Lock Box" where every two days, contests are organized with numerous gifts to win: books, toys, cultural activities, vouchers, etc.

The box and all challenges with key gifts from € 4 per workshop.

And for your birthdays, we have special partnerships. Feel free to contact us!

The 5 Good Lock Box assets:
1.  Buy your Good Lock Box online very easily via the secure payment module
2. Receive your Good Lock Box by post to your home
3. Amaze your children by letting them open this box full of surprises!
4. Keep your children occupied at home with 8 creative workshops: no room for monotonous time anymore!
5.  Take part in online challenges and win numerous gifts.

order our box!