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With the lock-down our daily lives are disrupted. During this period, when close contact is not recommended, it leads to be closer than ever to our children, deprived of school and of their friends! 

it is up to us to take advantage of this period to make a pleasant break.

The GOOD LOCK BOX has declared a war on boredom. Our goal: to encourage children’s creativity and a taste for play and challenges.

The GOOD LOCK BOX is like a huge surprise pouch! Creative workshops delivered by post to your home that will make your life easier!


The second GOOD LOCK BOX is a special version for Mother Day! It includes a kit to organize 6 creative workshops: DIY, cooking, cultural, scientific workshop (in collaboration with the PASS, scientific adventure park) ... 

The third Good Lock Box is dedicated to Father Day !

From 4.0 € per workshop and per child.

And that's not all! As soon as you receive your box, you have access to the private Facebook group "Our challenges Good Lock Box" where every two days, contests are organized with numerous gifts to win: books, toys, cultural activities, vouchers, etc.

Some examples of challenges:

  • Imagine a meal for your parents tonight!
  • Describe one of your parents in 3 minutes in a humorous way!
  • Draw your self-portrait by looking at yourself in the mirror!

We do not forget the citizen solidarity initiatives that will be used in our challenges to strengthen the social sense in your child.

We also invite you to applaud our care givers from your balcony every evening at 8 p.m. for whom GOOD LOCK BOX will make a donation!

The GOOD LOCK BOX, and its 4-leaf clover ... good luck for sharing and bonding moments

We are your GOOD LUCK!

check our boxes!

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