Soon Good LOCK Box will become Good LUCK Box !


In this new Box especially dedicated to moms you will find four beautiful creative workshops to be realized by the children! It's time to honor your mom by offering her a beautiful Box filled with love. Customize a planter, decorate a jewelry box with the famous napkin technique, a notebook to personalize or a cookie recipe and its molds for a 100% homemade decoration!
We've decided to include gifts in TWO WINNING BOXES!

You will discover : 

> The "Rose Petal" Box: the lucky one will find rose petals that will symbolize a beautiful flowers bouquet offered by Good Lock Box for a Mom!

> The "Games" Box: a lucky little one will find toys (Lego type). Like a time hunt, a child will win the right to choose ALL the toys of his or her choice for 30 SECONDS in a store to be defined.



For the first Good Lock Box of the year 2021, we have concocted a special Easter BOX full of creative workshops under the sign of the bell festival! On the program: creation of a 100% homemade table decoration, painting and decoration of egg cups or a recipe and a mould to prepare great chocolate eggs, without forgetting all the gifts still surprises slipped into this Easter Box!



Why not exchange roles for once?! After having spoiled their grandchildren all year long, it's the Seniors' turn to be honored with a creative BOX specially made for them by their grandchildren. Whether it's a necklace with glasses, a personalized deck of cards or a calendar in the colors of your family, this BOX will be the perfect gift to finally thank them as it should be! 



Who said that the dog is not man's best friend? Certainly not us! In order to pamper your faithful companions, Good Lock Box launches its BOX "coup de coeur". A box containing workshops designed just for them and even a cake recipe to make! 

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